Welcome to Bypaymnts, your local card processing company out of Fairport NY. Our focus is to help small businesses eliminate the fees they pay to process credit cards. Whether you’re just starting off your new business or have been in business for decades, we can help navigate card processing so you don’t have to! We provide our clients with effortless ways to save your business money in order to make impactful changes. In addition to saving you money, we provide organizational and analytical card processing tools that simplify and help grow your business. Check out our serivices tab to learn more about what we can do and reach out today for a FREE consultation to start saving!


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Bypaymnt is a family owned business backed by Verity. We have personal experience in all types of industries. We’ve pooled each of our unique experiences to create this one stop shop for every unique businesses credit card processing needs.

We've witnessed the credit card industry taking advantage of small business

and left our corporate jobs to change that.

We care about our clients all equally no matter the size of your business.

Let us help you start saving save money today!

 Bradford Barry - Co Founder 

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