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Virtual Terminal

Accept payments in your web browser.

Create recurring payments with autopay.

Allow your customers to enable autopay on recurring invoices. Payment will process on the frequency you set.

Assign or create customers.

Choose from your existing customer directory or create a new entry on the fly.

Take orders online or over the phone and process payments on the spot.

Key in credit card details and process a payment anywhere you have an internet connection. Your transactions will instantly appear on your Activity page.

Connect a Payanywhere credit card reader.

Connect Payanywhere 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 credit card reader to your computer via Bluetooth or USB to accept card-present transactions in your virtual terminal.

Send digital receipts.

Email or SMS a receipt directly from your virtual terminal interface.

QuickBooks Integration
Export your transactional data to professional online accounting software.

Make smarter decisions based on your sales data.

See trends and compare to historic sales for volume, payment type, customers, employees, and inventory.

Hire, schedule, and pay your staff.

Employee management tools that make it easy to be the boss.

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